Portfolio: Simon Ă…lander

Typographer and designer, Oslo, Norway.

Simon Ålander is a Swedish typographer with a passion for swashes, ligatures, loops and coffee.

Where did you train?

I’m self-taught.

What's your favourite tool?

My Pentel GraphGear 500 pencil. It’s well-balanced and pretty to look at.

What techniques to do you use most?

I start with pencil sketches, and add the final touches in Photoshop and Illustrator.

What has been your favourite piece you've created?

I don’t really have one favourite piece, but the poster for 8 Faces Magazine was really fun to draw.

What kinds of materials do you work with?

Mostly paper, pencils and pens.

What computer packages do you use?

Adobe Creative Suite.

Which clients have you worked for? 

Gillette, New Balance, Innis & Gunn, 8 Faces Magazine and the Salvation Army.

What inspires you?

Sneakers, streetwear, music, long walks, food – my everyday life.

Favourite websites / blogs? (you don't have to put DA :)



“Everything you can imagine is real”. Limited edition poster made for 8 Faces Magazine. Quote by Pablo Picasso.

“Autumn”. Personal project.

“The Black Gold”. Ink on coffee filter drawn for the blog drawcoffee.com

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“Duluth”. Personal project.

“I’ll do it later”. Contribution to my friend Lauren Hom’s blog dailydishonesty.com

“Malt”. Drawn for a book by the Scottish brewery Innis & Gunn.

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“Shield”. T-shirt design for a project called “WARdrobe” by The Salvation Army.