Portfolio: Yo Az

Illustrator and graphic artist living in Paris

Yo Az is a digital illustrator whose colourful work takes inspiration from Picasso, Shepard Fairey, Mcbess and Ron English.

Where did you train, and did you specialise in any one area?

I don’t have a speciality, but I studied advertising. I am largely self taught, and am inspired by the artists I like.

What's your favourite tool and why?

I only need a pen, my paperbook and to finish, my computer.

What techniques to do you use most and why?

I start drawing a piece by hand. I’ll then scan it into my computer, and finish it off in Illustrator and Photoshop.

What has been your favourite piece you've created and why?

It’s hard to say which one I like the most because I’m never satisfied. 

What kinds of materials do you work with?

I do most of my work on a computer. 

What (if any) computer packages do you use?

Illustrator and Photoshop along with Adobe Flash and After Effects.

Which clients have you worked for? Where have you exhibited your work?

I work for personal requests and small enterprises. I did some logos, mostly flyers for some clubs in Paris. I’m looking forward to exhibit my illustrations in galleries but for now it’s mostly on the internet.

What inspires you?

Movies, artists, street art and architecture. 

Favourite websites / blogs?

I like Behance because you have many different styles, artists, inspirations and talents.

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