Flash Pro tutorial: Create a sprite sheet using Adobe Flash Pro CS6

Easily generate a sprite sheet from one or more animations for a gaming project.

Many updates and improvements in Flash Professional CS6 centre around boosting performance in gaming. This release lets you easily generate a sprite sheet from one or more animations, which Flash helpfully optimises based on a number of user-defined settings.


Start a new project and create a movie clip that has some obvious animation in it. Here, we’ve used a star outline that fades in and then rotates through 90 degrees while fading out more slowly.

This has been overlaid on three layers and the keyframes offset.


In the Library panel, right-click the movie clip and select Generate Sprite Sheet from the context menu. (Note: you can select multiple symbols to generate a sprite sheet from them all.)

In the resulting window, the Sprite Sheet and Preview tabs give you a sprite-sheet overview and animation preview, respectively.

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Under Sprite Sheet output, you can define specific image dimensions, the image format, a background colour (transparent by default), and a data format.

Look at fine-tuning further options, such as MaxRects in Algorithm, to optimise your work. Click Export when you’re satisfied.


Craig Grannell is a designer and writer.