Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Create seamless repeating patterns using Illustrator CS6's new tools

Explore how to quickly create beautiful patterns using Illustrator CS6.

The new pattern creation feature allows you to easily create tiled patterns.


For this job I’m creating a pattern for a cycling jersey. I’ve got a number of illustrated elements I’m going to use for this particular job.

First off, I’m going to group the objects I want to include in my pattern design together (Cmd + G). 


Once I’ve done that, I go to Object > Pattern > Make. This brings up the Pattern Options panel.

Your original copy will appear with the new tiled copies dimmed. At this stage you can make alterations to the tile type, size of art work and the grid spacing.

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Once settled on the pattern options, hit Done at the top of your screen and your selected pattern will appear as a new swatch in the Swatches panel.

I then select the area of the jersey I want to fill and click on the required pattern swatch. This is a simple-but-effective tool for creating tiled patterns in seconds. 


Ben Steers is an illustrator and graphic designer based in the south-west of the UK.