InDesign tutorial: Master InDesign CS6's new Content Collector tool

The Content Collector allows you to quickly repurpose page elements for new parts of a design project.

The Content Collector is a new tool introduced for InDesign CS6. A pop up 'conveyer' that appears at the bottom of the screen, it allows the user to grab multiple pieces of content and repurpose throughout the same or separate documents using the Content Collector tool.

You can repurpose single or multiple pieces of content simply by dragging the content out of the conveyer whilst choosing to keep or remove them from the conveyer. It’s a fast way to replicate pieces of copy and graphics across multiple layouts and documents. 


For this I’ll be repurposing content from a key onto pages of a instructions manual. First of all, select the Content Collector Tool from the toolbar (or press B).

The Content Conveyer should then appear at the bottom of your screen.


You can either select single or multiple pieces of content to include within the conveyer by either clicking on them or drag select. The images will then appear within your content conveyer.

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Next, move to a different spread or page, and switch modes to the option for Content Placer tool.

You can now click or select and drag to place the content onto the page. By repeating this step, you can quickly build content within your design layout.    


Ben Steers is an illustrator and graphic designer based in the south-west of the UK.