Photoshop tutorial: How to use Photoshop's new Content-Aware Crop tool to fill the blanks in rotated images

How to use new feature Content-Aware Crop from the June 2016 update, which allows you to fill in the blanks when you expand or rotate an image.

Choosing between either straightening a wonky photo or losing a much-loved edge or corner is a struggle that no Photoshop user should have to go through.

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Luckily, Adobe's latest load of updates includes Content-Aware Crop, a great new feature in CC that brings together two commonly used features (Crop and Content Aware Fill) to streamline your digital workflow. Read: What's new in Photoshop CC 2016 

Photographer and re-toucher Tigz Rice shows us in three simple steps how to use this new feature.

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Open image in Photoshop and select the Crop Tool (C). Press Enter to bring up the Crop guidelines. You’ll want to make sure the Content Aware box is ticked in the options menu across the top. This will allow Photoshop to extend the crop margins out-side of the pixel area.

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Use the straighten Ruler Icon to draw in your horizon line, telling Photoshop which angle you’d like your crop straightened to.

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Photoshop will then show you the new crop guidelines and any white spaces that will be filled with Content Aware Fill before you commit to the changes.

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At this point you can make any minor adjustments such as nudging the crop margins or resizing. Once you’re happy with your Crop, press Enter to confirm and let Photoshop work it’s Content Aware Fill magic on your image.

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