Photoshop tutorial: Master Photoshop CC 2014’s new Spin Blur

Add movement to fabric using Photoshop CC 2014's new Spin Blur tool

The new Spin Blur tool in Photoshop CC 2014 is brilliant for adding motion to any rolling objects in your image.

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Perfect for wheels, marbles, or spinning vortex stage props, this tutorial looks at how you can use Spin Blur to add movement into otherwise static images.

Photographer Tigz Rice also reveals some very useful tips to get the best results from Photoshop CC 2014’s Spin Blur.

Time to complete

5 minutes

Software needed

Photoshop CC 2014


Open your chosen image in Photoshop CC 2014 and convert your image to a Smart Object by right clicking on the background layer and selecting Convert To Smart Object.

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Tip: Working on a Smart Object gives you the flexibility of amending your blur transformations at any point later on in your workflow, rather than relying on the History Panel.


Now go to Filter > Blur Gallery > Spin Blur, which will bring up the Blur Gallery dialog box. Photoshop will automatically add a circular bounding box to your image path to place the spin blur.

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Click and drag the outer edges of your circle to increase the size of the circle proportionally, or click and drag one of the four outer points to create an ellipse.

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Tip: If you’re working on a non-flat object, pressing Alt while clicking allows you to move the centre point of your image to a different location within your blur region.


Hovering over the blur region centre point will bring up a circular slider that allows you to change the amount of Spin Blur applied to that region. Alternatively, if you want to enter a number manually, use the Spin Blur section of the Blur Tools panel on the right hand side of the screen.

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You can also use the Motion Blur Effects to create a strobist effect, setting the number of ‘strobe flashes’, strength and duration time to freeze the spinning motion at several points.

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Once you’re happy with the results, press OK.

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